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The following beliefs and values guide our approach to learning.


Your child learns best when he or she…

  • Balances creative play, structured learning, and independent thinking

  • Spends time playing, exploring, and learning in small and large groups

  • Develops character, kindness, and respect for others.

  • Receives individual attention and interaction at his or her level

A supportive learning environment for children includes…

  • Purposeful centers which relate to everyday life

  • Safe, clean, and spacious facilities

  • Fun and creative activities such as art, music, games

  • Lots of happy faces, laughs, and smiles

Materials available for children should…

  • Be age-appropriate and accessible at a child’s level

  • Be multi-sensory, clean and organized

  • Adapt to meet each student’s individual needs

  • Challenge students to reach their full potential

  • Engage a variety of learning styles (visual, auditory, hands-on)

What You Can Expect

You want to provide the very best for your child.  Here are a few of the many reasons why you might choose Lighthouse Preschool.  

1. Academic Emphasis.  With qualified instructors, challenging curriculum, and purposeful centers your child will be prepare for life and learning.
2. Biblical Enrichment.  We want to help build character in your child with Bible lessons, crafts, and songs as well as seasonal activities.
3. Creative Environment.  Preschoolers should have fun, make friends, and enjoy school.  Hands on learning, structured play, outdoor activities, and special events all contribute to a well rounded preschool experience.

The role of parents / family in children’s learning is essential.  Raising your child is the most wonderful and challenging job you will ever have.  At Lighthouse Preschool we will develop strong partnerships with parents and work with you to encourage you child’s growth and development through goal setting, community, and teamwork.  We know that students flourish and thrive best when family members are involved in their children’s education.



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